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Private investigations and Security Consulting

Chuck Hewett


 Georgia POST Certified,  

Criminal Apprehension

Supervisor I, II, III

 Crime Scene Technician


 -Evidence Presentation

 -Electronic Surveillance

 Management I, II, III

 FEMA Emergency Management Institute Training

 - National Incident Management System(NIMS) IS00700

 - Incident Command System IS-00100

  -ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents IS-00200

 -National Response Framework IS-00800.b

 - Active Shooter IS-00907

Investigations Services

  • Background Investigations
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Domestic Services
  • Missing Persons
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Employee Theft and Embezzlement




Investigation and Security


Offering solutions for individuals, busy professionals, attorneys and companies with a singular focus on helping every client to achieve their objectives. 

The Longstreet Firm is here to assist you with all of your Security and Investigative needs.

 If you are the company that wants to provide a better work atmosphere with a safer and more secure environment for employees and customers or the busy professional who  wants a sincere relationship in their lives without the distressing concern of who they are dating. 

We provide the services that will bring you peace of mind and comfort in making the tough decisions for your company or personal success.

Customer Testimonials



I hired Longstreet Investigations for a private and delicate matter and it was the best decision I made for our case. Mr. Hewett was very professional, understanding, patient, and exceptionally knowledgeable about the law and surrounding areas. For the investigative services provided, he was very reasonable in price and was able to provide the information I needed in a fast and timely manner. I would definitely recommend Longstreet Investigations to anyone wanting answers or research by a true professional. 

Dr. Cindy Greene

“Chuck assisted our family in a very stressful situation and he was exemplary in his knowledge of the law and his line of work. His experience in this line of work is unmatched and his passion for what he does makes him and excellent investigator. I would highly recommend Chuck and his services. He is very fair, compassionate, and dedicated to his clients.”
You are more than welcome to use my name. Don’t mind a bit!
Thanks again!!!

B.R. - North Carolina

I had called other private investigators before I called Mr. Hewett.  They didn’t give a lot of answers, more “umms” and “hmms” than actual answers. They talked a lot about money and less about how they could help.  When I called Mr. Hewett, he had ideas, guesses on what the other individual could be doing, and he also had a great understanding of the North Georgia custody and laws.  Through out the whole time of the case, he kept in great contact with me, communicating with me as we brain stormed where the ex could be or what she could be doing. For over a year, Mr. Hewett went out to find her night after night, ensuring I had enough evidence for court to ensure my daughter’s well-being.

Mr. Hewett put my daughter’s safety, well-being, and interest above anything.  He ensured that my payments were used properly and not just thrown around to get ‘easy money’.  Mr. Hewett’s hard work, dedication, and constant advice was the grand slam of my custody case.  Without his hard work and willingness to work with me, my daughter would not be who and where she is today.  As a single male, no one knows how large of an accomplishment this is for fathers. Though the case is over and I paid for his service, there is nothing I could do to ever fully repay him for all he has done for me and my daughter.

Find the money, make the call and let Mr. Hewett win your case.   

B.R. - North Carolina 

Mickey Shearouse, Retired Bank Executive

Longstreet Investigations was very helpful to me during a stressful and legally challenging situation. His experience and knowledge were beneficial and he provided needed information and helpful advice. Chuck is very professional and dedicated to providing excellent service to his clients. I really appreciated his prompt response to time sensitive details. Chuck has assisted me with three situations and I highly recommend him and his services. Please feel free to use my name.

Dr. Mark Novotny

I contacted chuck when I suspected infidelity in my marriage. He quickly located her and my suspicions were confirmed. He is hands down The BEST pi and most reasonable in Gainesville. He is well versed in many aspects of the law and is knowledge is priceless. He not only did his job to perfection but in the process he helped me in many different ways. He gave me emotional support to help deal with the pain I was experiencing. He is a wonderful human being. You should have zero reservations on whether or not you should hire him. You will not be dissatisfied.

Legal Nurse Consulting and Education

Dr. Dina Hewett


Dr. Dina Hewett is a healthcare professional with over twenty-eight years of experience in Critical Care Nursing, Nursing Education and Hospital Administration. She has earned a fellowship in leadership from the Wharton School of Business. Dr. Hewett is a Registered Professional Nurse and has extensive experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the healthcare system. Her experience ranges from the basic bedside nursing care to directing the operation of a Critical Care Heart Center.

Legal Consulting


Dr. Dina Hewett is an experienced professional in the nursing industry and meets any qualification to work as a legal consultant, or serve as an expert witness on medical cases. Dr. Hewett has spent her whole career in the medical field. She has certifications in numerous fields of medical care. 

Dr. Hewett received her BSN degree in 1988 from Brenau University, then furthering her career in nursing she received her Master’s in Nursing from Georgia Southern University in 1994. While receiving certifications in the nursing field to include her CCRN and NEA She decided to expand her education even further by pursuing her Doctoral degree at the University of Georgia where she received her Ph.D. in Higher Education. Dr. Hewett has a Multi-State License.

Nurse Education


Dr. Dina Hewett Specializes in critical care nursing.  She has been a Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) for over 20 years. Current CCRN Alumnus Status.

Dr. Hewett has an extensive knowledge of nursing/health care curriculum development, design, implementation and evaluation. Familiar with educational software for NCLEX testing support throughout nursing curriculum. 

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